New job for cleaning staff

Window cleaner is selected for residence in the capital. If you have previous experience in the sector, this is the best time to enter the company from now on.

They will be held 4 hours a week on the same day of the week. Experience in the position offered. Availability to work 4 hours a day a week


Prepare the necessary material to carry out their work: products, utensils, machinery, etc.
Clean and tidy up the rooms and other areas of the hotel, checking the good condition of the facilities and furniture.
Attend to the client while they are staying and process lost items. You must take into account their complaints and claims, satisfy their requests when it is in their power to do so and control the objects that may be left forgotten according to the established protocol.
Collect and clean the materials of their work, sending dirty clothes to the laundry and filling in the necessary parts.
Verify that the Offices are ordered
Make inventories of cleaning supplies and products
It is «essential» the driver’s license and own vehicle.


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